A large, recently merged college

A large, recently merged college

ESIS helped a college which had merged from three into one to operate as a single entity, with shared standards, approaches and values.

The challenge

Over a period of time, three colleges had merged – and the leadership team was committed to developing a shared culture, supporting managers towards having a shared understanding of the quality of required teaching, learning and assessment.

How ESIS responded to the challenge

ESIS utilised a broad range of strategies to incrementally build confidence – and to provide a platform for managers from different colleges to come together and develop as a cohesive team. 

ESIS’s programme encompassed training, curriculum reviews with managers, shadowing and feedback. 

The training sessions for the managers, delivered by ESIS’s improvement advisers, built a common understanding of the expectations and standards required in the roles. This provided the basis for the curriculum reviews, in which the improvement advisers were teamed up with managers to provide one-to-one support and coaching on individual concerns and priorities. 

Following the curriculum reviews, ESIS presented the findings to the senior leadership team and, based on this, the college launched 2018 with a one-day teaching, learning and assessment conference.

For the conference, ESIS worked with the college to design and develop comprehensive training and development workshops – each with clear objectives that targeted the key areas for improvement. 

The majority of the workshops were delivered by those ESIS improvement advisers with specific pedagogic expertise. Each session was designed to be both interactive and practical, providing strategies that attendees could take away – to implement and effect positive change. 

Outcomes and benefits

  • Curriculum managers were more aware of their roles and responsibilities, particularly with regards to support they needed to give teachers in order to improve teaching, learning and assessment.
  • The college benefited from an external perspective, which added rigour to its judgement on teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Staff benefited from the conference, which was well attended. Feedback was positive – with teachers feeling more motivated and engaged; they left the staff conference with new and practical strategies to put into practice immediately.
  • The advisers added value to the college’s approach to driving forward the agenda for teaching, learning and assessment. 

Elaine, you are truly inspirational... we learned so much from you.– Governor, Northwest College