Working with ESIS

Working with ESIS

Education & Skills Improvement Service is always seeking to expand its team of specialist improvement advisors with experienced education professionals to help with consulting and project-management opportunities.

Quality improvement advisers

Our quality improvement advisers play a key role within ESIS, helping to define and deliver important programmes of change.

Apprenticeship improvement advisors

Our apprenticeship advisors help providers keep up-to-date with apprenticeship reforms and shape more effective apprenticeship programmes.

CPD trainers

Skilled presenters and educators, our continuing professional development (CPD) trainers help keep our clients’ skills up-to-date.

Interim and project managers

Interim and project managers help ESIS to deliver projects or improvement programmes which have specific objectives, timescales and budgets.

Mentors and coaches

Our mentors and coaches work closely with people within our clients’ organisations, helping them to build on the skills they have.

Curriculum designers and developers

Our curriculum designers and developers help clients to build courses and learning programmes at both a strategic and operational level.