Why work with ESIS?

Education & Skills Improvement Service provides a rewarding, engaging and stimulating range of roles for education professionals.

ESIS has built a terrific team of over 150 consultants. We’ve done this as our business has grown, steadily putting in place the resources needed to support our now nationwide business. And we’re always on the lookout for new, skilled people to join us.

Somewhere you can make a difference

Our consultants – improvement advisers – all come from an education background, most of them long-serving. They boast hard-won experience that can be of great benefit to other education organisations – and ESIS is a place where this can make a real impact. Our clients are organisations seeking improvement; you can be part of a team where your experience can help them realise those goals – faster and with fewer missteps. 

Part of a winning team

You’ll be working with others who are cut from the same cloth. Highly experienced, often senior people who are used to collaborating, coaching, mentoring and, above all, delivering change. Your experience is valued – and you’ll be working with peers whose experience you’ll value too.

Helping clients, improving education

As a business, we’re very focused on our clients’ needs – helping them raise or implement standards, identify areas of success and areas for improvement and empowering them to deliver sustainable change. But we never lose sight of the fact that, in doing so, we’re actively contributing to the overall sector – improving education in the UK, by bringing into the sector the experience of others.

What we look for

It’s a given that we’re looking for experienced, skilled people – professionals with a proven track record. But we’re also looking for people who are good listeners, who work well with others, who are able to positively coach peers – even with challenging situations – who can assess issues objectively and structure their conclusions – and who can see the big picture as well as chip away at the detail. 

The support from ESIS was excellent; the visits were planned well – and ran very smoothly despite the snow causing a last-minute change in date for one visit!– Head of department, West Nottinghamshire college