Quality improvement advisers

Our quality improvement advisers play a key role within ESIS, helping to define and deliver important programmes of change.

Quality improvement advisers need to be able to rigorously assess quality measures and processes which are in place within client organisations. While recognising and building on what works, they also need to define change programmes which help our clients become better still – putting a practical road map or action plan in place which will take them on an improvement journey.

We look for people with solid curriculum expertise, coupled with strong pedagogical skills.

Experience in business analysis is a benefit, but key applicants for this role will be proven practitioners who can apply skills in different contexts. They must be able to assimilate sometimes complex information and make reliable judgements based on sound evidence – helping to define which actions (of potentially many available) will deliver the biggest impact for our clients.

Every organisation is different, so it’s important that quality improvement advisers can work in the context of each client’s needs – rather than prescriptively enforcing predefined stock solutions.

All applicants for roles with ESIS should be qualified, with extensive experience.