Interim and project managers

Interim and project managers help ESIS to deliver projects or improvement programmes which have specific objectives, timescales and budgets.

Our interim and project managers undertake improvement programmes where clients require additional bandwidth and skills. The interim or project manager will, in most cases, be working towards resolving issues which have created a need for additional resources – or implementing a programme of agreed improvements.  

ESIS will have worked with the client, in advance, to define a programme of change; the interim and project managers will be instrumental in delivering this programme.

Interim and project managers will need to be good listeners, taking on board and understanding feedback from others. They need to be good at working with people, able to win hearts and minds – taking people willingly and patiently on a programme of change.

Experience is essential – our clients look for people who can hit the ground running and make an impact quickly.

Skills are always important, but equally so is the person’s match to the role in terms of personality, approach and cultural fit. 

Potential interim and project managers should either be from a proven education background or a business support function, with experience in the education sector.