Curriculum designers and developers

Our curriculum designers and developers help clients to build courses and learning programmes at both a strategic and operational level.

ESIS’s curriculum designers and developers help clients to ensure that courses and curricula are designed to meet today’s teaching standards, while being relevant to a world of work and leading learners towards specific qualifications.

Curriculum designers and developers need to be up to speed with governmental education reforms and standards, as well as current educational thinking. 

They should be able to help clients develop curriculum plans and strategies as well as individual courses. Courses and curricula should have the perfect balance between challenging the most able learners, and carefully bringing along the less able. 

Embedding both workplace skills and essential skills (such as English and mathematics), regardless of core subject matter, is vital – as is harnessing technology. Courses and curricula should prepare learners fully for the real world, not just for the subject-matter examination.