Education & Skills Improvement Service

Education & Skills Improvement Service

We help education providers to increase quality, improve efficiency, become more cost-effective and remain compliant.

Because better is always the goal

Learning is all about continual improvement – and not just for learners. To stay at the top of their game, learning providers must keep improving too. We can help.

We’re here to help you improve

Learning and education changes all of the time – and never has the pace of change been as rapid as it is now. Standards to adopt. Curriculum changes to implement. Assessments to achieve. Performance targets to meet, or exceed. Education & Skills Improvement Service, ESIS, is here to help education providers do this – and much more. We’re excellent team workers: we don’t impose prescriptive solutions, we work with clients to find the right answers for their specific issues.

Education & Skills Improvement Service: because better is always the goal

Experience that counts

All of the ESIS team have extensive experience in the education sector – experience from which our clients can benefit.

A proven track record

Founded and managed by seasoned education specialists with successful track records reaching back over three decades, ESIS offers education providers a wealth of knowledge and experience from which they can draw upon. We help people get things done better, in less time, with fewer missteps. And because we work with dozens of top education providers, we bring to each and every client a combination of best practice and up-to-date thinking that we believe is second to none.  

Education & Skills Improvement Service: experience that counts

Expert analysis and targeted problem-solving

Because every education provider is different, we approach each situation with an open mind – not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Change for the better; for the long term

Implementing change is easy – but implementing the right change, change that has the desired outcome and (more importantly) sticks, isn’t. We’re skilled problem solvers – our experience of education provision, combined with sharp, clear business analysis, helps us to find answers that others might overlook. This helps us to treat the underlying cause of an issue, not the just symptoms – and find the most effective way to engineer improvement without breaking the bank

ESIS: expert analysis and targeted problem-solving

Measurable outcomes

Wherever possible, we prefer to work towards measurable outcomes – taking education providers on a journey that leads to an agreed destination.

A journey, not a treadmill

While some challenges are solved by adding more resources, this often doesn’t resolve any underlying issues – and the additional resources simply become a necessity. We always try to fully identify why clients engage our services – and look at the different ways in which we can help. ESIS always strives to identify a measurable outcome, or goals, towards which we can work – so that we can drive improvements that result in real, sustainable change.

ESIS - measurable outcomes

Elaine, you are truly inspirational... we learned so much from you.– Governor, Northwest College