Working for ESIS

If you are interested in joining the ESIS team of sector-leading improvement adviser, trainers, coaches or interim managers, we’d be delighted to hear from you. For further details and how to register with us please contact us on 01606 272112 or email

People who work for ESIS

are characterised by their attention to detail, personal approach and highly effective communication skills. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of the provider permeates through all our improvement advisers.

To help prospective applicants, who are thinking of joining the ESIS team, the ‘spotlight’ has been put on the following job roles to try to characterise the qualities required to be successful:

Interim Managers

  • ‘True-fit’ interim managers need a breadth of experience, be highly professional, adaptable and able to think on their feet from day one. They must exhibit exceptional standards and exceed expectations; be culturally aware and have laser focus on the core business of teaching, learning and assessment and outcomes for learners. The most successful interims develop organisational capacity and leave a legacy and sustainable infrastructure
  • They make improvements through others
  • Repeat business generated by interims is the acid-test testimony of their effectiveness

Coaches & Mentors

  • Coaches and mentors use a pragmatic balance of both coaching and mentoring skills, as and when appropriate. They work with individuals and small teams, focusing on both broad pedagogical and subject-specific areas for improvement
  • ESIS coaches and mentors are professional, dynamic and engaging. They have professional qualifications and have worked on national programmes to quality improve and professionally develop teachers and managers. They have extensive knowledge of the sector and are passionate about teaching, learning and assessment
  • They can work strategically with senior managers, operationally with middle managers as well as supporting experienced and inexperienced teachers to develop their confidence and skills

Quality Improvement Advisers

Improvement Advisers all have specific sectoral and pedagogic expertise. They can provide external quality assurance scrutiny but primarily focus on support, development and improvement. ESIS improvement advisers not only focus on pedagogy but also respond to the wider skills, knowledge and behaviours agenda, which require teachers to develop learner’s very important employability skills. Our team help teachers to more effectively:

  • Plan for learning
  • Deepen learning through differentiation and skilful use of pace
  • Adopt a holistic approach to teaching, learning and assessment
  • Develop learner’s peer and self-assessment strategies

English and mathematics specialists

Given the great emphasis placed on these two subjects in the post 16 education and skills sector, ESIS prides itself on its expertise in these areas. Our specialists are very recent practitioners and have been involved in the design, development and training required for the new GCSE qualifications. They have also led professional development of the level 3 awards in literacy and language teaching. Our English and maths experts work at both strategic and operational levels, implementing policy for both discrete and embedded provision. They frequently undertake reviews of provision but more importantly work with vocational and subject specialists to develop their practice in such things as:

  • Checking policy and best practice
  • Supporting discrete delivery of GCSEs
  • Engaging learners effectively
  • Supporting and developing teaching teams and their course planning
  • Sign-posting learning resources and materials
  • Harnessing technology and blended learning
  • Improving constructive assessment feedback
  • Monitoring progress measures and demonstrating in-year progress of learners
  • Working holistically with providers to take them to the next level of progress and achievement
  • Conducting direct developmental observations and walk-throughs followed by end of day practical coaching plenaries to resolve issues identified during the day

ESIS English and mathematics specialists are credible and skilled in developing teacher’s confidence and competence.  As one College senior manager described some recent work, “We have seen a quantifiable engagement from all staff in wanting to improve English and maths. The sessions have been both responsive and reactive to meeting our needs”.

Data analysis and reporting

Our data analysts have worked with colleges, adult community learning providers and private training providers. They have provided advice and support to senior leaders on:

  • Outcomes against 3 year trends, national averages and the Qualification Achievement Report (QAR)
  • Monthly and cumulative monitoring and reporting of performance against targets and budgets
  • governor dashboards to help increase support and challenge and accountability of senior leaders
  • support on reporting styles to best present content and out-turns
  • how to better engage users with the measures and progress being made which enables better scrutiny, challenge and overall performance

Typically, the support provides advice on how to best present performance reporting and other information to the governing body and others so that:

  • It is clear and as easy as possible for governors and stakeholders to understand, challenge effectively and hold senior leaders to account
  • The information enables governors to better engage with the provider’s performance and understand the key measures of progress and success
  • The presentation of complex information on funding, hard and soft targets are more accessible to governors, at a strategic level
  • The framework of information enables governors to understand the ‘direction of travel’ of the organisation as a whole and within different provision types (study programmes, apprenticeships, traineeships, adults, high needs learners, advanced loans, full cost income etc.)

Critical Friends of senior leaders

This requires a deep trusting relationship, which must be developed over-time; based on experience and credibility. Senior leaders often use ESIS critic friends as a sounding board for ideas and solving challenges. This often starts with an evaluation of current SAR/QIPs. Critical friends frequently sit as an external member on management recruitment panels. They also train managers and teachers on specific topics. Often critical friends distill external governmental policy reforms and articulate the internal impact these changes might have. They are often seen as the conduit of best practice. Providing a 24/7 help-line service they have a positive impact on thinking, strategy and are a testing mechanism

Curriculum and assessment design

Increasingly these specialists are used to support submissions for external accreditation, such as Trailblazer developments. They have also been used to design a range of assessment strategies and activities when new curriculum needs to be designed, delivered or assessed

Work-based learning advisers

A range of specialists are used by colleges, private training providers and employers to offer external scrutiny of existing practices and make recommendations for further improvement. They offer quality assurance alongside a development quality improvement approach. With the expected growth in apprenticeships, ensuring an audit and inspection-ready quality assured delivery model is essential. They work with work-based assessors and other key post holders to support all aspects of the work-based learners journey.


Our trainers have real expertise in their specialisms and are skilled presenters. Built on sound academic principles, our trainers use pragmatic approaches to ensure immediate and sustainable impact. ESIS trainers take time to understand each providers culture, priorities and barriers to success. Each session or programme is unique to each provider. The provider approves session plans before delivery. A detailed project brief confirming agreed planned objectives and outcomes for the session accompanies each training session. Training is planned in partnership, with the provider involved in all stages, to ensure ‘fitness for purpose’ and that desired outcomes are achieved.

“Attendees praised you to a person for the direct, frank and clear message given.  You created a virtual hornets nest of activity, which was exactly what we needed”.  Director of Quality South East College of FE”

| Director of Quality South East College

“I’m glad ESIS saw the impact of their work when they returned – thanks for their astute observations”

| Vice Principal, North West FE College

“The Improvement Adviser was excellent in terms of her knowledge, style and engagement.  Great session”

| Vice Principal, Lincolnshire College