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Apprenticeships – high quality provision

Much has been said around the changes to planning, reporting, funding, and accountability of employers and providers as the Levy starts to impact across the sector.  However, providers must also embrace the need to deliver high quality new learning and skills. The new apprenticeship standards require employers and providers to provide opportunity for the apprentice…

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Continuous Professional Development

Around this time Education Providers are planning their training and development programme for the summer term. Why not try this quick self-assessment to reflect on whether your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) approach is best practice? Is your college’s professional development programme regular, varied and personalised to individual staff’s needs? Yes/no Is it valued by staff…

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Three tips to stretch and challenge your learners better

A priority for providers of education and training is to develop strategies to stretch and challenge each individual learner to maximise their potential. To inspire learners and help them to take greater responsibility for their own learning and achievement, managers and teachers should: support learners to achieve greater autonomy in their learning in a planned…


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